Life is a song.
Love is the music.
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The Best Medicine || Artcedes

TAGGING: Mercedes Jones and Artie Abrams
LOCATION: Lima Hospital
TIME: About noon, Friday, February 15th
GENERAL NOTES: Artie gets paid a visit in the hospital by Mercedes.


Mercedes shut her freezer with a grimace. Quickly grabbing a spoon but not bothering with a bowl, she took the entire pint of Cherry Garcia back to her bedroom, still clad in her pajamas despite it being well past morning. She had big plans for her free day and would be kicking off the long weekend with a marathon of romantic comedies, as much ice cream as kept her from crying, and staying in bed all day, not even bothering to look presentable.

Climbing under her blanket, she noticed her phone fall off her bed but made not motion to retrieve it. She was going to shut out the entire world, just for this one day. Letting it lay where it had landed, she snuggled into her warm bed, getting settled in for the day. As she started the DVD, however, she heard a familiar chime and groaned. She hadn’t thought of that. Begrudgingly throwing off the covers and getting out of her comfy spot, she snatched up the phone but before she could silence it, she saw that she had a notification…of an email from Artie…from late last night…or rather from very very early this morning. ‘Why on earth is he emailing all of us so late?” she compalined, climbing back in bed as she brought up Artie’s email.

Once she read the first short sentence, she was up in a flash. Throwing on her coat, she hurriedly shoved her feet into the nearest pair of shoes, failing to notice they were her heels from last night’s dance or to tend to her forgotten ice cream sitting on her night stand. Mercedes ran down the stairs, grabbing her purse and keys and knocking something over into her path in her frenzy. Stopped to pick it up, she felt guilt overcome her once more. She couldn’t stand to look at the thing…but it might make a wonderful gift to cheer up Artie. Taking it with her, she rushed out the door and was quickly pulling out of her driveway, trying to quell her concern as she drove towards the hospital to see her friend.

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